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Vintage Tarot Card SelectionFor all those who have been looking for Vintage Tarot Decks – it seems the Universe has answered and we have been provided quite an eclectic collection – 24 sets!

These come from a dear friend who collected them over the years as she studied and practised reading with them (finding which worked best for her) – they have been lovingly cared for.

Many are quite rare and come in their original packaging – and while the packaging may show some wear, the cards are all in exceptional condition! A number of them have accompanying books in addition to small instructional papers. A select few have handmade fabric pouches.

If you are interested in any of these, please contact us immediately as they are selling quickly and we likely won’t find these again!

Here are a few photos of select decks that may be of particular interest:

The Complete List:

  • $150   Tarot Balbi (c. 1978) EXTREMELY RARE
  • $20    Piatnik Cartes Super Luxe (c. 1995)
  • $40    1JJ Swiss Tarot (Marseilles variant – made by A.G. Müller, Switzerland c. 1970) EXTREMELY RARE
  • $40    The Witches Tarot (w. Book c. 1993)
  • $100   The Book of Rune Cards by Ralph Blum (Book & Cards c.1988) EXTREMELY RARE
  • $60    Shakespearian Tarot (Box Set c. 1993, new condition – no, that’s not a typo, this one is spelled with an “i”)
  • $20    New Orleans Voodoo Tarot by Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman (Box Set c. 1992, new condition – OUT OF PRINT)
  • $20    Love Tarot (Box Set c. 1995, new condition)
  • $30    Daughters of The Moon Tarot (w. Book c.1991)
  • $20    Sphinx Fortune Telling Deck (c. 1940-50s)
  • $20    Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck (Lenormand variant – c. 1970)
  • $15    Golden Dawn Tarot (c. 1978)
  • $20    Russian Tarot St. Petersburg (c. 1992)
  • $15    Tarot Of The Witches (c. 1974)
  • $20    I Ching Cards (w. Coins c. 1971)
  • $10    Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (c. 2006, new condition)
  • $40    Celtic Book of The Dead (Box Set c. 1992)
  • $10    Cachet Tarot (Box Set c. 2003, new condition)
  • $30    Grail Tarot (Box Set c. 2007, new condition)
  • $20    Mystic Faerie Tarot (Box Set c. 2006, new condition)
  • $10    Karma Cards (Box Set c. 1988)
  • $20    Sacred Circle Tarot (w. Book c. 1998)
  • $40    Moon Oracle Tarot (w. Book c. 2000)
  • $50    The Way Of Cartouche (w. Book c.1983) EXTREMELY RARE
  • $20    Secret Tarot (w. Book c. 1998)

IMG_20140616_200641Looking for Vintage Accoutrements? This beautiful Vintage Art Nouveau, hand enamelled Ladies Chainmail Purse! A popular style of small purse from the late 1800s through to the 1920s, this one is circa 1910-1920 and made in Germany.

It is a fine, handmade, brass or bronze ring chainmail; most unique because of the exquisite hand enamelled (painted) design that is rarely seen in these purses! Even the fine extruded design of the closure have been hand painted and the clasp is topped with two small glass “jewels”. It measures 51/2″ in total length with a fringed bottom and 4″ wide at the closure; it is unlined. this purse is in remarkable condition, the original enamel paint still bright and only a slight patina from age.

St. Michael The ArchangelA spectacular consignment piece has just come in; a one-of-a-kind, signed original, glass mosaic – made by Canadian Artist, Joeanne Pearson. Featuring one of the most iconic spiritual images, St. Michael The Archangel, having defeated “evil”. St. Michael is revered for his powers of protection from all forms of harm – in many of the world’s major Religions (and some not so major ones).

Handmade in it’s entirety by the Artist – from her original drawing, to the design and cut of the glass, even the board it’s mounted on. This is an incredibly skilled piece of work signed both front & back by the Artist (along with the note that it is “1 of only1″) and rendered in the Medieval style. All pieces are hand-cut opaque stained glass with additional design painted & baked on. Measures 24″ x 14”.

How about a set of vintage Ophthalmologist’s glassware? Including an “eyewash cup” and various measuring vials (on in teaspoons & tablespoons); they would make an interesting conversation piece for a collector – or a bizarre set of shot glasses…either way, very entertaining!

vintage glass measurment

Last, but not least, a few rare (many out of print) and vintage books of varying topics:

  • $30    Cheiros Guide To The Hand – Herbert Jenkins (c. 1910 HC)
  • $40    Bulfinch’s Mythology – Thomas Bulfinch; First Modern Library Ed. (1934 HC)
  • $20    A Wicked Pack Of Cards – Ronlad Eecker, Thierry Depaulis, Michael Dummett (1996 HC)
  • $15    The Enchanted Tarot – Amy Zerner & Monte Farber (1990 HC)
  • $20    Jung & Tarot – Sallie Nicholls (1st Ed. 1980 HC)
  • $20    Keystone of Tarot Symbols: An Outline of Tarot Symbology in a Nutshell – Holy Order of MANS (from the Greek, “Mysterion, Agape, Nous, Sophia” = mystery, love, mind, and wisdom) (1971 PB)
  • $20    Sacred Origins Of Profound Things – Charles Panati (1996 PB)
  • $10    Holy Book Of Women’s Mysteries – Zsuzsanna Budapest (1989 PB)
  • $30    Vol. 1 & 2 Myth, Ritual & Religion – Andrew Lang (1996 PB)
  • $20    Runes Of Elfland – Brian Froud & R.E. Burke (2003 HC)
  • $20    The Illustrated Golden Bough – Sir James George Frazer, Mary Douglas, Sabine MacCormack (1996 HC)
  • $20    The Book Of Cermonial Magic – Arthur E. Waite (1997 HC)
  • $20    Websters’ First Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language – Jane Caputi, Mary Daly (1997 HC)
  • $20    History of Witchcraft & Demonology – Rev. Montague Summers (1992 HC)
  • $15    The Chalice & The Blade – Riane Tennenhaus Eisler (1987 PB)
  • $20    Survival of The Pagan Gods – Jean Seznec (1981 PB)
  • $20    The White Goddess – Robert Graves (1961 PB)
  • $15    Religion & The Decline Of Magic – Keith Thomas (1991 PB)
  • $15    Hero With A Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell (1973 PB)
  • $20    The Book Of Tea – Okakura Kakuzo (1990 HC w. Box Cover)
  • $15    Language Of The Goddess – Marija Gimbutas (1991 PB)
  • $15    ABC Of Witchcraft – Doreen Valiente (1973 PB)
  • $15    The Occult – Colin Wilson (1995 PB)
  • $60    Little Book Of Hallowe’en – Elizabeth Hough Sechrist (1934 HC)

 If you are interested in any of these items, please contact us, or visit us on Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

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    • Eduardo,
      “The Runes of Elfland” is a book only. We do have a set of standard Runes, handmade in red clay, in a wood box, for $30.
      We also have the extremely rare set “The Book of Rune Cards by Ralph Blum” (Book & Cards c.1988) at $100

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