Victorian History’s Dark Secrets (Pt. III)

Join us at the shop Thursday, Mar. 21 – 7 to 8pm for the third in our monthly series of Seminars hosted by our resident Archæologist & Historian Seika Groves;

Our next topic: Madness, Melancholy and the Wandering Womb

Hamilton Asylum for the Insane (Ontario, Canada) c.1876

Hamilton Asylum for the Insane (Ontario, Canada) c.1876

Welcome to “Bedlam”…where ye can “pay a penny to poke a patient”! Institutions like The Bethlem Royal Hospital, Broadmoor, or even Hamilton’s very own Asylum – the stories behind these places, the many reasons people ended there and experimental “treatments” thought to be at the pinnacle of science.

A small fee of $5/p.p. – maximum of 10 people.

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