Trouble Sleeping? We Can Help!

We’ve heard many people complain about trouble sleeping – especially lately (weird energy/pressure shifts going on). Folks have all kinds of ways of dealing with insomnia – from medications, to exercise, to simply staying up ’til ye drop.

Here’s a solution that is natural, safe, effective and very cost effective. Suitable for adults and children. Fully portable. Works day or night. Made in Canada…and available from your friendly neighbourhood Victorian Apothecary (and Curiosity Shop)!

Slumber Sack™Introducing Slumber Sacks™; the naturally fragrant ticket to a sound and restful sleep! These delightful little “sacks” contain a mixture of locally wild-crafted, organic Lavender and Hops (and by “local” we mean within a 10 minute drive). Placing a Slumber Sack™ next to your bed, hanging from the headboard or under your pillow will waft a gentle scent to carry you away to the Land Of Nod. The combination of these two herbs also makes a pleasant sachet for the dresser, armoire or closet. Because our Slumber Sacks™ use the highest quality local ingredients, they maintain a fresh quality not found in many “manufactured” items. This also gives them staying power – they should be quite effective as a sleep aid for up to a year and even then still make a nice subtle scent for any room.

We have a limited supply of these available right now…first come, best rested!

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