Tesla, a Pendulum, a Cross & a Pin

Just arrived are some of the most unique & fantastic products we’ve had the privledge to carry…courtesy of the bizarre & arcane collection of our mate Dr. Robert Ing (DSc, DLitt, MScD) and The East York Museum of Curiosities.

NikloaTeslaThe Tesla Electro-Morphic Spirit Communicator

Designed by Prof. Nikola Tesla and based on his extensive research into electro-magnetic field detection, these Spirit Communicators are authentic and fully operational (1899 Royal Patent). Tesla’s research (and many after him) has determined that spirits of the departed may communicate with the living by causing fluctuations in electro-magnetic and static electric fields. The Tesla device is designed to facilitate this communication without any physical interaction – spirits may answer yes/no questions by causing the light to blink.

tesla_001 tesla_002 tesla_003tesla_004

pendulum_001“Bone Of Typhon” Coffin Nail Pendulum

This unusual item may be a tool of the Left Hand Path. A handmade, consecrated divining pendulum made from a used 19th century iron coffin nail, suspended on a natural sinew lace (made from a cloven hoofed beast) and skull fob beads. The nail has been exposed to approximately 2,614 Lunar cycles in a natural graveyard environment. “The Bone Of Typhon” was the name for iron in Egypt (about 275 BC).

Bone CrossDSCN0412

As a symbol, the cross dates back to about 4700 BC. In the pre Judeo-Christian era, many mystical symbols were inverted or reversed to represent their opposite attribute; they were used in the worship of the natural world and the Deities associated with it. The inverted cross represents the physical realm and is often used in workings of greater magic.


fff_009Before ye think we’re stuttering, this pin bears an ancient blessing in an ancient text (In fact it’s from the Theban Alphabet – a coded writing system with unknown origins which first came into publication in the 16th century). Primarily originating in the UK, this represents a blessing for three necessities of a good life: Flags, Flax & Fodder. Flags seems to represent two things – a type of rush that grows in the wetlands areas, used in the home for bedding, insulation and of course, there is fresh water where it grows. Flags also refer to flagstones – used by the hearth and representing stability and warmth in the home. Flax is the weaver’s plant and represents clothing. Fodder refers to grasses – or any plants that grow in the earth – that feed both animals and humans. So…the blessing is simply, “May ye have sufficient shelter, fresh water, warmth, clothing & food”; something we all wish for!

altar-scrying_001Altar Style Scrying Mirror

Scrying has been used for centuries by mediums, psychics & mystics; noted as far back as the ancient Persian Empire of the 10th century. Reflective surfaces of many kinds are used from a bowl of water to the oft-depicted “crystal ball” (Nostradamus is said to have scryed using a bowl of water to make his famous predictions). Scrying Mirrors became popular for their easy portability and are often said to be one of the most effective surfaces for this art. This beautiful standing piece is well suited to place on an altar or shelf – especially if it is at eye level.


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