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All product we provide is deemed to be of the best quality available to our knowledge. We do extensive research & testing to ensure this – maintaining quality over quantity. We also strive to offer a fair price – both to our suppliers and our customers – given that many of our products may be rare, imported or entirely unique. These products may – or may not – provide health benefits, spiritual relief, social redemption, or personality adjustment…we take no responsibility for you usage or your results.

Health Disclaimer: Any information we provide related to matters affecting human health is provided for informational purposes and is the result of research into the medical literature as well as practical experience. No information should be considered as a “substitute for advice provided by your own trusted medical professional”, nor is any information intended to “promote diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. You should not use any information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Consult your most trusted health care professional in regard to the personal use, or non-use, of any health-related products or medically related regimens on the Internet or otherwise, especially if you have any existing medical condition or unusual symptoms.

Please note that all readings, investigations or cleansings are undertaken in the strictest confidence; your privacy and peace of mind are our primary concern. Your privacy is as important to us as ours is. We make every effort to secure transmission of information through/on our site and anything we ask you for is strictly to complete a related service or transaction. We will not knowingly share any of your personal information with anyone, for any reason – online or off (short of a subpoena – we will cooperate with Law Enforcement agencies if required). We advise our clients to treat their reports/readings/personal information with the same discretion & security – especially any information we may share with them.

We endeavour to provide the most professional, skilled, equipped and accurate practitioners to provide the best services possible. We also pride ourselves in truth and will be straightforward with results, telling you what you need to hear (which may not always be what you wish to hear). This is tempered, of course, with common sense; we will not share information that we believe may lead to harm for you or someone else.

Readings and Paranormal Investigations are undertaken in the spirit of information & entertainment – no guarantees are given or implied. Use the knowledge you are provided wisely and at your own discretion.

The Spiritorium, it’s owners, operators and associates assume no responsibility – in perpetuity – for results or how you use them. Participating in any of these services, or use of any product, is undertaken of your own accord.

Workshops/Walks/Events: These Workshops/Walks/Events are small and depend on people showing up for them to run and to adequately compensate the facilitator. It is not our policy to give refunds, however, you may be credited toward any subsequent Workshop/Walk/Event (at our sole discretion). If for any reason we must reschedule/cancel a Workshop/Walk/Event, we will make every effort to notify anyone attending and will post changes to the website (we advise you to sign up for the email list on the right of any page).

Gift Certificates are only worth the marked face value and only redeemable for products or services through the shop. They hold no cash value, nor do they hold any specific value for a specific product/service unless otherwise marked.

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