Tea For Two…or Four

These unique cups were handcrafted by Canadian Ceramic Artist, (the late) Trudy Heimbuch. They are similar in shape, but all unique in design – and the last ones ever made. They hold a generous amount of liquid!

INCLUDED with each cup is an individual, unbleached, teabag filled with a premium loose leaf tea. All individually wrapped for easy gift giving!

We also have three very unique ‘Teapots’ – also the last of their kind by Trudy Heimbuch. They are similar in shape, but all unique in design. Each pot holds 6 cups of liquid. (Ideally, these would hold the hot water for your tea)

Cups: $20 ea. Approimately 2 dozen available.

Pots: $60 ea. Only three available (all 3 for $150)

Please contact us to purchase; available for pickup in central Hamilton.

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