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While we know our customers well (and many of you personally), we thought we’d post a short poll to be certain we are serving the needs of the community.

As it says on the sign, we are “A Compendium Of Knowledge & Apothecary” – so while a “curiosity shop” may be something of an entertainment, our main goal is to be able to supply you with things that are useful and difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Thank you everyone who participated in this poll – we will do our best to serve your needs!

Poll Results

Total votes: 64

  1. Medicinal Herbs & Preparations (38 votes, 59%)
  2. Antiques & Oddities (35 votes, 54%)
  3. Other Cultural/Spiritual Items (First Nations, Tibet, etc.) (34 votes, 53%)
  4. Incense (Natural & Hand Blended) (29 votes, 45%)
  5. Workshops (25 votes, 39%)
  6. Walking Tours (22 votes, 34%)
  7. Readings (20 votes, 31%)

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