Successful Séance

langford-school-twilight-wmThank you to all who attended our Day Of The Dead Victorian Séance – we hope ye had a grand time…and perhaps learned a few things! A wonderfully eclectic group of people attended and filled the historic Langford School to capacity. Many cupcakes, cookies and candy worms were happiuly consumed…and some lovely door prizes awarded (thanks to Wes at Wick’d Wax Creations for the spectacular gift basket!).

A special thanks to Richard, Ella and the Langford Conservancy for making the space available – it’s a fantastic location and is being lovingly restored by the Conservancy. There is an auction on Sat. Nov. 16 at 10am to help support the location (and there are some beautiful antique pieces available). We will certainly host other events at the Langford School and hope you will join us!

It was a busy night of spirit – lots of energy swirling through the room – and especially in one particular corner. Not a lot of talkative spirits, but many noisy ones and at least one mischievous young lad! There were two extremely intense messages that came through, complete with physical reverberations!

Please share your photos and experiences with us (you may comment below, or post/tag our Facebook page). We have a singular photo to share; there were no lights on on that half of the room and the fans were not moving…make of it what ye will.



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