Stocking The Shelves

We are pleased to inform everyone that we are finally stocking the shelves (after a week of stalking shelves)!

Your patience will be rewarded with a variety of items that are not available anywhere else in the same shop. Some of these items are exclusive to The Spiritorium.

While we may not have everything immediately available, we will be opening our doors for the first time Saturday, Oct. 6 from 11am – 5pm (our regular hours, Wednesday through Sunday).

Readings will be available by appointment and workshops will be forthcoming. Don’t forget our Special Book Signing & Historical Spirit Walk on Nov. 3. Subscribe via email (on the right) to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening!

Just a few items that will appear on our shelves:

  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Vampiri Stalpi
  • the finest resin incense
  • hand bound Grimoires
  • Turtle Foot Medicine Rattles
  • Tesla Electro-morphic Spirit Communicator
  • Hikaru Dorodango
  • Cemetery In A Jar™
  • Pocket Mojo Babies™
  • Antique Religious Icons
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Scrying Mirrors
  • Skulls, Bones & Prodigiosum Taxidermus
  • many other unique items!

…and our very OLD friend  (and recent celebrity), ‘Bob’ The Mummy!

Bob The Mummy

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