The Sound Of Metallurgy

oscar-green-starMany folks who’ve visited our shop have noticed our collection of sound & vibration instruments: Rattles, Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowl…and the ever popular Oscar™ Drum!

Though there are a few “steel tongue drums” on the market, the Oscar™ Drum is unique. It is the only one in the world made using the principles of Metallurgy – the study of physical and chemical behaviours of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds, and their mixtures (alloys). It is also the technology of metals: the way in which science is applied to their practical use.

The Oscar™ Drum was developed/created by Oscar de Los Santos (aka “Oz”) many years ago and hand-forged in small batches in Delhi, Ontario by the artisans of Tribal Thunder. These drums come in a few different scales and many beautiful finishes. They are case hardened, tempered, cut, ground and tuned no less than three times – to ensure their most beautiful sound never goes out of tune! Unlike their competitors, this drum requires no port hole or “tuning magnets”. The vibration is innately healing; it can be played by anyone the first time and the more ye play it, the better it sounds!

The lovely Renee plays her new Oscar Drum for the first time!

The lovely Renee plays her new Oscar Drum for the first time!

Our lovely friend Renee was someone who forged an immediate connection with this fabulous instrument and made a special request – could one be painted solid black? We spoke to Oz and made arrangements…and discovered this to be only the second solid black Oscar™ Drum they had ever produced! More interesting, was who owns the other one – it belongs to renowned Turkish musician Fazil Say, who featured it in a recent work: Universe Symphony No. 3 Opus 43 (Commissioned by The Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra; the symphony orchestra of the town and state of Salzburg, Austria)!

Come visit us and experience the true sound of metallurgy!

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