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Well, it’s official – The Spiritorium is OPEN!

This first weekend went quite well considering we were only mostly ready…like any shop, there is a bit of an organic growth – and with one this eclectic, it adds to the adventure. The old things were no problem at all – it was the new cash register that was the biggest challenge!

There are already many interesting and unusual objects in the shop that have people looking twice – including our retired celebrity, ‘Bob’ The Mummy. Our upstairs neighbour, Mike, peered through the window late Saturday night and could just see ‘Bob’ resting in the back counter…apparently Mike had trouble sleeping that night, but now that he’s been formally introduced to ‘Bob’ he’s much more comfortable!

The shop has a cozy feel (despite some very odd things on the shelves)…we even had the fireplace on for a bit to keep the chill from the brisk Fall day.

Our Apothecary shelves are filling up with a good variety of herbs, resins and a couple of select teas. From Czaga (chaga) wildcrafted in Ontario, to a very fine Dragon’s Blood (resin incense) from South Asia, Pu-Erh Tea (favoured by Shaolin Monks), to Whole Leaf White Sage bundles (grown & gathered by the Haudenosaunee Nation). There is much more – and more to come!

We had many lovely visitors – old friends, new friends and those soon to be friends. Sian dropped in to consign some Victorian Onyx/Gold/Pearl Mourning Jewellery from her collection…Wayne Mallows & Stef von Riot drove up from Niagara in their Vintage 1965 Funeral Coach (aka Hearse) to visit and drop off some of Wayne’s books…Gord & Sandy drove in from Waterdown to drop off a number of rare antiques including an incredible collection of Hamilton postcards from as far back as the 1800’s…we met another new neighbour from just down the street, Charmaine LeFebour  of  Chef & Wife…Joel & Eric (owners of Kenesky’s Sports) frequently stop in from their new Dundas location next door…Rhonda & Gary from White Flame Company have graced us with many fantastic hand carved skulls on consignment (Lava Rock, Cherry Quartz, Iron Pyrite, Green Obsidian)…

You’re probably still wondering about the title of this post…well…we’d like to especially thank Kerrilynn Shellhorn (one might say, a small Medium) and her family for coming to visit after the completely useless Mapquest had them drive clear across Hamilton to Stoney Creek where they were “at large” (we checked, it actually thinks 168 King St. W., Dundas is near Battlefield Park! Pro Tip: Always use Google Maps) until we directed them back to Dundas. We were so pleased to meet them when they finally arrived…Kerrilynn’s daughters were fascinated by the Cemetery Under Glass™ display.

There you have it…off to a fine start! We look forward to meeting more of you as we move into our first official week of conducting business. We will be open Wednesday through Sunday, 11am – 5pm. Readings may be scheduled any day, but also on Thursdays from 7pm – 9pm. Fridays we host Tea Leaf Readings with Amy Lou Taylor and you never know who may drop by the shop on a daily basis!

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  1. Hello Edd and Seika! I’m so excited about your new shop and wish you the best of fortune at this venture. Sounds like you’re off to a grand start, and I will spend some time today on your website seeing what all you have to offer.

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