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We are finally “settled in” to our new location and re-stocking shelves with new and interesting items, as well as some customer favourites! We actually have more space than previously (though we are still looking for a cabinet or two). Here’s the new shop:

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Seika has a lovely new Parlour ready for your Intuitive Reading and is taking bookings for Group Readings or Spirit Circles! We are also planning events for the weekend of Hallowe’en/Samhain/Festival Of The Dead…stay tuned!

We have some excellent new relief for your skin – in the form of one Traditional Indigenous healing salve and another that “came in a dream” to the First Nations Gentleman who creates it. Both of these products are currently available in a pocket sized, self-sealing, opaque jar.
Minigan Salve is traditionally made from 4 different types of Pine Resin, Bear Fat & Bee’s Wax – a recipe hundreds of years old that works as well today as ever. “What does it do?”, you might ask…well, the short answer, is “use it anywhere you’d use a bandage”. The longer answer is that it’s a natural antiseptic that not only prevents infection and heals the wound, but it will “draw out” any infection. Good as a lip balm,  rubbed in to relieve aching joints and said to cure haemorrhoids!
Bear Salve is a similarly created, all natural product, with the exception that the knowledge for it’s creation was more recently presented in a dream. It contains only 3 concentrated ingredients; Bear Oil, Eucalyptus Oil & Olive Oil. Bear Salve is a fantastic, all-purpose skin treatment that absorbs completely into the skin. It may be used to treat acne, clod sores, eczema, athlete’s foot, itching, burns, rash (incl. poison ivy/oak), recent tattoos, scars…even on your pets!

Now, a quick sampling of new items available as of this posting…there could be more by the time you read this!

Rowan Berry Necklace – handmade by our lovely friend, Amy-Lou Taylor.
Said to ward off evil and prevent travellers from getting lost.

Complete Tarot Deck with instructional book.

A set of cut Bloodstone in the 5 basic Sacred Geometry shapes found in nature.

Pendulums cut from crystal, stone or wood.

Handmade Beeswax Votive Candles – exclusively from Wes at “Wick’d Wax”. These little candles will burn cleanly for up to 30 hours!

Two kinds of Himalayan Rock Salt – Pink & “Kala Namak” (black). A natural source of trace minerals required for daily health and excellent for cooking with.

“Banishing Salt” is an old traditional tool to keep unwanted guests from returning (or showing up at all).

Vintage Glass Demijohn – may be used for fermenting your favourite libation or as a great terrarium/planter.

Wet Specimen Monkey Paw

Amazing selection of Haematite jewellery – necklaces & a few bracelets.

Ulexite – aka “The TV Stone” – is a natural fiber optic and can transmit images (slightly enlarged) through the rock.

The Viking Sunstone (Icelandic Spar) was used to navigate when the sun was not readily visible.

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