Spirit Cleansing

While the words “spirit cleansing” may sound odd, it can be an important part of a healing process – especially where strong emotions are involved. Whether yourself, your home, or your business, a cleansing can literally “clear the air” – removing bad spirits (literally or figuratively) or latent energies and freeing you from negative attachments. These “attachments” can manifest in physical ways in your body, causing aches and pains that seem to have no other reason to be there. In a home or business this can cause an overall feeling of confinement, a heavy atmosphere – something palpable enough that it may stop people visiting or cause you affliction.

On a more extreme note, cleansing can be used in locations to be rid of spirits that “haunt” the place. Not necessarily “ghosts”, but latent energy that may be left from previous inhabitants, visitors, etc. This is the one thing that places of worship and businesses that serve alcohol have in common, they are both particularly susceptible to negative energies, for they are both places where people come to “unload” – and the reason most places of worship traditionally burn incense!

Please note that all cleansings are undertaken in the strictest confidence; your privacy and peace of mind are our primary concern.

By appointment. Please email us or drop by the shop for a consultation.