Searching For Spirits?

ghost-radar-connectIf you would like to have your own “Spirit Investigation Tool” (and don’t want to spend thousands on someone’s hype & marketing) we highly recommend Ghost Radar® for your mobile device (created by “Spud Pickles” aka Jack Jones).

Similar to devices used on popular Paranormal Investigation shows (actually some shows/investigators use these exact apps!) costing thousands of dollars, these apps are as – or more – advanced and offer more features than any single device with less margin for error. There are 3 versions:

  • “Classic” is free (Radar only – Android & Windows 7 phone)
  • “Legacy” is 99¢ (Radar & Vox – Android & iPhone/Pod)
  • The highly advanced “Connect” version is a mere $1.99 and features increased vocabulary, improved detection, Radar, Vox, Audio Recording, Image Capture, Social Sharing, Flashlight Control – Android, iPhone/Pod/Pad)!

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