Science, Scrying, Skulls…and Yoda!

This may be one of the oddest groupings to be posted at once…but then, we enjoy odd grouping; it keeps life interesting!

Two antique microscope slide boxes; one simple (24 slides – 21 blank, glass slides included) and one with 12 trays of glass slides – 36 of which are in their original “prepared” state! Both of these boxes are late 19th, early 20th century manufacture (likely around 1916) and in excellent shape.

wooden-24slide-box slide-detail wood-6x12-slide-box

jr-scrying-mirrorWe’re calling this one our “Beginner’s Scrying Mirror“. A small rock, with a scrying mirror in the centre.The rock is engraved with the word “IMAGINE”-  a reminder to practice your intention & focus!




For something wonderfully different next time you’re out on the town, some new “pretty things”! Floral skull hairpieces! Each large blossom has a skull centrepiece with jewelled eyes – we also have smaller versions on hairbands.

We introduce our lovely new model Anouk showing off one of these fantastic fashion accessories.

Anouk-03 Anouk-01 Anouk-02

LHP-talismanSometimes we find items that are just too unusual and rare to pass up. This is one of those things…in fact, it’s one of only three! A distressed bone of undetermined age and a 19th century coffin nail (exposed to 2,614 lunar cycles in a graveyard). The documentation with this item refers to it as a “Consecrated Satanic Talisman of Power – consecrated on Friday the 13th in the year  XLV Anno Satanas”. Comes with it’s own handmade, lined leather charging case and instructions for use. A truly macabre piece for true collectors!

yoda-08A collector’s item of a completely different sort…YODA! This is an original 8″ tall Kenner “puppet” (non-articulated) from 1981’s Return Of The Jedi. Made from heavy gauge rubber, with synthetic hair, this is in excellent condition and a prized item for any serious Star Wars® collector.


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