Save The Spiritorium

Remember how great The Spiritorium was when we had an actual shopfront? We miss it, you miss it, people continue to tell us how much they miss it…

Click here to donate!

Click here to donate!

We have poured our hard work, sweat, hearts, souls and a considerable amount of finances (or lack of – we haven’t been paid in 2 years) into this venture – and we love it, as do many of you! Due to untoward events that we had no control of, we had to leave our Dundas location; taking refuge in ‘Mizeners Antique Market’. While it’s managed to keep us available to a limited extent AND we’ve made some great new friends, it has not been a success financially. The “crowds” haven’t been as prolific or as inclined to buy as advertised…and being limited to a single day per week in a location only accessible by car…well, it simply isn’t working.

The only way to really save The Spiritorium and move forward, is to move to a more permanent location that we can open daily, use for workshops and other events and once again welcome our guests into our parlour!

We have set the amount extremely low – enough to get up and running with a bit of advance rent – then we will simply need a little further assistance by people visiting and supporting the business! Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated (we have little left to give but our love & gratitude); financially, spiritually or socially (share the news).

~ With gratitude, Seika, Edd & Bob The Mummy

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