The Return of Nosfurrytooth

Some of ye have met this handsome fellow…some of ye, perhaps, have not yet had the gumption to stand face-to-face with him. Nosfurrytooth…Sciurus Carolinensis Sanguinarius…the legendary Vampyre Squirrel!

This extremely rare mount is over 100 years old and it was recently noticed that (unlike most taxidermy), Nosfurrytooth does NOT have glass eyes! In fact, his eyes are a stunning – and equally rare – pair o’ Black Freshwater Pearls! They shine with a deep reddish glow much like his original eyes may have done!

Nosfurrytooth is the only one o’ his kind in the world – in fact, even the position he is mounted in is unique (most regular squirrels are mounted sitting up); he is a true Museum quality piece that must be seen in person to be appreciated!

If you are interested in Nosfurrytooth being part o’ your collection, act now – he will remain on sale only until January 15 at which time he will become a permanent Museum piece (and his value will double).

The Tale Of Nosfurrytooth

Stories told to terrify children (and unwelcome visitors) in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania mention the vampir veveriță (vampyre squirrel) – a mutated Gray Squirrel that suffers from albinism,  likely due to it’s tendency to hunt only at night. Gray Squirrels are not native to Romania, but have become an invasive species spreading across Europe from the UK. Grey Squirrels carry the squirrelpox virus which is deadly to the native Red Squirrels but does not affect the host.

This extremely rare creature was allegedly mounted for the infamous Dr. Moreau and found it’s way into a private collection.

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