Quack & Waddle, Fuzzy Nuts, Hurdy Gurdy

Before ye think we’ve gone totally ’round the bend…let us explain…

Looking for that perfect gift for the difficult to buy for person, eccentric friend or picky teenager? We have the perfect solution – Gift Certificates! Available in any amount from $10 and up – you choose – and may be used anytime for any product or service in the shop (including readings).

The very lovely & talented Amy-Lou Taylor (also our resident Tea Reader) has made us a fine assortment of “Fuzzy Nuts”. These are needle-felted, handcrafted, wool acorns – traditional decorations/talismans from the UK. Natural and Eco-friendly treasures, made from real acorn caps collected in Autumn from the oak trees around us. The wool is ‘home grown’ by purebred Romney ewes and lambs. The wool was sheared, washed, dyed, and carded by hand. The wool is dyed witih acid wash dyes and is colourfast. No harsh chemicals or rough machines are used to process the wool. It is washed in environmental friendly dish soap, gently by hand, and the acid used to set the dye is vinegar and it is later neutralized with simple baking soda.

Another unique and exclusive item in the shop – handmade, Cherywood, Meditation Benches – extremely useful for meditating, praying or even gardening! These small and very portable benches measure 15″ long, 3″ wide and 7″ tall. They are designed to relive pressure on both the knees and the spine while in a kneeling position; allowing for greater time spent comfortably in that position. Come in and try one – you will instantly notice the difference! (Cup shown for size reference)

We have also just acquired a selection of beautiful Victorian Style Greetings Cards (in packs of 15), Victorian Style “Hurdy Gurdys” (wee music boxes ye crank by hand) and collectible tins featuring Lizzie Borden called “Lizzie’s Leftovers” (suitable for storing all sorts of treasures).

The Apothecary now includes some Organic (local) Thyme. In addition to it’s obvious culinary uses, it is also valued for it’s antiseptic properties. Mixing a tea with Thyme is also good for relieving sore throats, coughs and bronchitis.

Last, but not least, we’d like to introduce ye to the newest member of our menagerie…“Quack & Waddle”. QW is a wee duckling that was born with two heads and one body. Quack is the talkative one, but Waddle is always trying to keep up! He’s mounted on an ancient Great Lakes rock filled with fossils.

See? We’re not completely ’round the bend after all…

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