Spiritual & Cultural

sacred_smokeWhile we recognize that not everyone follows the same path, we do what we can to be accommodating. Items of symbolic, spiritual or cultural nature come in many forms and from many places – and we carry but a few.

Statuary, wall hangings, jewellery, etc. As with most things in the shop – if you seek something specific, ask and we shall find.

These items may be picked up or delivered within Hamilton, ON; if you require shipping, there is an additional cost to be determined based on location & method.

palmistryVictorian Style Ceramic Palmistry Hand (Hand Painted) – this unique object serves as both a guide and an advertisement for the ancient art of Chiromancy (from the Greek kheir – hand and mantela – divination) – or as it’s commonly known, Palmistry. This art is believed to have originated in India and has been used in the cultures of India, Tibet, China, Persia, Egypt and some countries in Europe. Studies show that most ancient communities like the Hindus, Sumerians, Tibetans, Hebrews, Babylonians, Egyptians and Persians were greatly interested in the study and practice of palmistry. It was popularized throughout Europe and the UK by the Roma (aka Travellers or Gypsies).

Size: 11.5″ h x 6.5″ w, under 2lbs. Price: $50.00 SOLD


Scrying MirrorsScrying Mirrors (handmade locally, using imported, handmade, Italian Glass) – Scrying has been used for centuries by mediums, psychics & mystics; noted as far back as the ancient Persian Empire of the 10th century. Reflective surfaces of many kinds are used from a bowl of water to the oft-depicted “crystal ball” (Nostradamus is said to have scryed using a bowl of water to make his famous predictions). Scrying Mirrors became popular for their easy portability and are often said to be one of the most effective surfaces for this art. These particular mirrors are completely hand made and the surface may vary from completely flat and reflective to a more textured surface (resembling water). The four pictured here are all one-of-a-kind, approximately 4″ radius and easily carried in a pocket or small bag.

Price: $30 ea SOLD