We are pleased to carry Mrs. Mooney’s Penny Dreadful Poppets™!

These wonderful handmade creations come in three styles: Parlour Pallor Poppets™, Pyratica Authentica Spirit Dolls™ & Pocket Mojo Babies™ – no two are alike!

We also carry traditional style Cornhusk Dolls – for fun, protection or ceremony.

These items may be picked up or delivered within Hamilton, ON; if you require shipping, there is an additional cost to be determined based on location & method.

Parlour Pallor Poppets™ are inspired by Victorian era “Stump Dolls”. Stump dolls originated in the late 17th century – though they have ties to the origins of all dolls. Stump dolls were of a single piece construction – usually without limbs attached (though some included arms and legs attached to the clothing). Early versions were made from wood (carved or turned) and had a very “flat” appearance with little shape. Later they were made from swaddling cloth or old bits of material left over which made them more “cuddly” and thus more popular!

Parlour Pallor Poppets™ are generally a custom order. Prices start at $130. Contact us to order.

Pyratica Authentica Spirit Dolls™ are a tribute to New Orleans. Made from ancient Bur Oak and Spanish Moss, these poppets are inspired by the Voudon fetish dolls that came to America from West Africa and Haiti. Each one carries a Gris Gris bag to attract the positive forces of Love, Health, Prosperity and Protection. They are decorated with other items that may serve whatever purpose you are most in need of.

Pyratica Authentica Spirit Dolls™ come in a variety of ‘personalities’, including representations of Voudon Lwa. Size is generally between 8-12″. Prices vary from $35 – $65 Contact us to order.


Pocket Mojo Babies™ are the dreadfully cute cousins to the larger poppets (and exceedingly popular). Small and cuddly with a bell around their neck to dispel negative energies and a small token of meaning (Health, Prosperity, Protection, Love) – they also have some spectacular hairstyles! Like the Victorian Stump Dolls, Pocket Mojo Babies™ have no visible arms or legs, but can accompany you on any journey. They are strong enough to protect you, sweet enough to attract company and sure to make anyone grin!

Pocket Mojo Babies™ are approximately 4″ tall and come in a multitude of colours, hairstyles & 4 ‘personalities’. Price: $10 ea.


Traditional Cornhusk DollsCornhusk Dolls have been made for centuries by virtually every First Nations people in the Americas where corn is grown. An original form of “recycle, reuse” these were a simple child’s toy and often one of the first things children learned to make. In some cultures they have also been used in ceremony for healing – from representing the patient, to acting as the vessel to remove negative energies. These poppets come in both a female and male form.

According to Iroquois teachings, the first Cornhusk Doll was made by The Creator and had a very beautiful face. She played well with the children for a time, but the more people commented on her beauty, the more vain she became. The Creator spoke to her and taught that this was not proper, that all were equal under the sky. She agreed to behave, but then glanced her reflection in a stream and realized she was indeed beautiful and fell back in to her vanity. as she admired her reflection, The Creator sent an eagle that snatched her reflection away as punishment. From that day forward, when these dolls were made, they are made without a face and this story is told to remind us that we all have a gift from The Creator and no one is better than anyone else.