We carry only the best natural incense from around the world – generally in raw, resin or powdered forms.

Traditionally incense is burned for a variety of reasons – meditation, health, cleansing…though many people burn it “to make the room smell nice”, not aware of it’s deeper affect! Incense has been used in virtually every belief system for thousands of years – and has recently seen a return in those that turned their backs on it for a time.

We regularly stock a selection of pure resin incense (marked below with *) and traditional herbal bundles. We carry one all natural blend (our exclusive Four Winds Smudge™) and one stick incense which uses natural binders (most stick incense uses industrial glue).

sacred_smoke 021Our usual stock includes:

  • White Sage (loose)
  • Blue/Desert Sage (bundled)
  • Sweetgrass Braid
  • Dragon’s Blood*
  • Frankincense*
  • Myrrh*
  • Copal*
  • Opoponax (aka Sweet Myrrh)*
  • Palo Santo Wood
  • Sandalwood (powdered)
  • Joss Sticks (traditional Buddhist Temple Sandalwood stick incense)
  • Four Winds Smudge™ (contains: White Sage, Desert Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Lavender, Red Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood, Ceremonial Tobacco, Vajrakilla, Gum Mastic)

We also carry beautiful large Abalone shells for smouldering leaf Sage leaf or smudge bundles and we exclusively carry Three Kings Charcoal for burning all resins.

Remember to be safe with anything that burns or smoulders:

  • use a safe, strong container – do not burn charcoal in glass, stone or resin holders
  • always place on a surface that will not burn, melt or crack
  • keep away from curtains, blinds, bed sheets, or other flammable objects
  • never leave anything burning unattended
  • extinguish with clean sand, water or both