Cemetery Under Glass™

Cemetery Under Glass™There is a great popularity among folk for cemetery photographs – and why not? Cemeteries are an encyclopædic map of our history; the famous, infamous and everyday gathered in one place with their respective families and stories. Even the land itself often has an interesting tale or two!

Now you can have your very own (miniature) cemetery to study – with our unique centrepieces – Cemetery Under Glass™. A moment in time forever frozen – tombstones, trees, even mourners! The best thing is, you never have to cut the grass!

Macabre? Certainly. A unique conversation piece? Definitely!

Each Cemetery Under Glass™ is housed in a glass Apothecary Jar (with lid) and contains Spanish Moss, Organic Black Earth, a selection of foliage & tombstones; some may also contain figures. Every Cemetery Under Glass™ is hand assembled – no two are ever alike – and comes with a magnifying glass for closer inspections! Please note: these cannot be safely shipped and should be picked up with a thought for transporting them carefully (we may be able to deliver if you’re in the greater Hamilton area).

This one is presently available:

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Large-01: 18″ tall, 6.5″ radius (includes Minister, Mourners, Coffin, Gravedigger, Large Trees, Shrubbery) – $110


Large-02: 12″ tall, 8″ radius (includes Church, Vintage Hearse, Large Trees, Shrubbery, detailed Tombstones)$145 SOLD

We may occasionally create commissioned pieces. This was a special one -featuring an extremely limited edition bobble-head of the infamous  “Beetlejuice (“Betelgeuse”, en français).