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First, a big THANK YE to everyone who has been supporting the shop and sharing the news – and a special thank ye to our many Artisans & Collectors whose fantastic goods we are fortunate to carry! (Helmut’s Forge, Gothic Gourds, Tribal Thunder, Dr. Robert Ing, Prof. Burnaby Q. Orbax, Nicole Elliot, Calvin Cox, Gord…)

Secondly, we’ve had a busy week stocking the shelves with new and interesting items (photos below); we’ll describe but a few here – ye’ll just have to come visit!

New in the shop – at the request of a few folks – all natural, Solid Perfume! A limited assortment, handmade in Canada, encased in stone containers – hand carved (and fairly traded)  in India. Scents of Amber, Patchouli, White Lotus & OM. The scent in these is very subtle and requires the lightest application to the skin – or they can be left open to infuse a room. They contain all natural ingredients – only five – a should last a long time if kept closed and away from heat sources.

A new protective amulet, handmade by Amy-Lou Taylor, Rowan Crosses. A cross of Rowan Wood woven with red cotton thread or wool, is a charm hung in the house, vehicle, sewn into hems of cloaks and more traditionally into the hem of a Bridal Dress for protection from lightning, theft, malicious spirits and spells of witchcraft. This is a tradition that comes from the British Isles – more specifically Scotland and the Isle of Man. These Rowan Crosses have been made according to tradition with red cotton thread and twigs from an ancient Rowan that was brought to Canada from Scotland well over 60 years ago. They have been made with much love and positive energy!

We found Baby Cyril wandering the docks the other day – seems the wee lad lost his folks somewhere on the Atlantic crossing from Essex, UK. The poor fellow had nothing but his bottle and favourite toy “Quackers”…he is presently residing in the shop waiting for some kind folks to adopt him!

We have added a new resin incense to the Apothecary – Opoponax (opopanax chironium). This rare resin from the Mediterranean Crescent has a lovely, subtle scent and is often referred to as “Sweet Myrrh”. The unusual name is the Latin form of the original Greek and translates as “all healing”. Historically, it also has a number of purported medicinal uses (yes, it is digestible) – anti-spasmodic, deobstruent (“clearing obstructions”) and relief of asthma, chronic visceral infections, hysteria and hypochondria. It has also been used as an emmenagogue – herbs to stimulate blood flow in the pelvic and uterine areas.

We’ve also restocked on large Sage Bundles – while not the wide leaf White Sage we usually carry (currently unavailable…our supplier is growing more), these large bundles are an average of a foot long and sure to help smudge away what ails ye!

Lots of other lovely things like unique jewellery, handmade natural soaps, vintage poster keytags…and more!


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