The Oscar Drums Are Back!

The very popular and very beautiful (both sound & presence) Oscar™ Steel Drums have returned to the shop! We have one in the exotic Arabic scale and one in the Ionic scale (which may sound familiar if you’ve heard England’s “Big Ben” clock ring).

Hadmade in Delhi (ON, Canada) by the artisans at Tribal Thunder, these are unique instruments that create deep rich tones – useful for healing, meditation, or creating beautiful music. There is virtually no “wrong way” to play them, they may be played by hand or with the included mallets, in your lap or on a floor or tabletop (fabric ring included). A ballisitic nylon carry case is included with each Oscar™ Steel Drums with extra strong zipper that includes loops to lock it for travelling.

You may have seen similar instruments out there, but let us assure ye – there is nothing quite like the sound and beauty of these. Come into the shop and play one for yourself, you’ll be convinced!

Oscar™ Steel Drum Oscar™ Steel Drum

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