Here In Spirit…

It’s that time of year when many folks are thinking of Spirits…more than they might usually! In years past, The Spiritorium has hosted Victorian Seances to listen to the Spirits – and they’ve certainly had much to say.

Spirits On The River

Spirits On The River

Our base of operations has changed recently – we have left Hamilton and moved to the Niagara Region – specifically, the lovely city of Port Colborne; on the shores of Lake Erie (and in our case IN the Welland Canal). While there is still no “shop” to speak of, we do still offer the same services and many of the same goods as before – though you will have to contact us first.

We highly recommend a visit to our Port city – besides the many wonderful shops, restaurants, butchers & bakers, there is a great Museum, complete with extensive Archives, a Steam Powered Automobile & a working Forge! There are also beaches, many natural areas & walking paths (with a variety of wildlife in the area), a grand optical illusion, professional Theatre, marinas, a Speedway and of course the Canal and Lock! Don’t forget to visit the massive Canal Days festival each year – tall ships, historical demonstrations, food, art and fun for all ages!

We thank you all for following along on our journey…drop us a note anytime!


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