Mixed Messages

Did ye think we’d forgotten about ye? Well, no, we haven’t…but we have been busy in other areas/eras/personae! The Spiritorium, while enjoying a more “spirit-like existence”, is always here…quietly listening!

Meanwhile, away in another part of the forest, some two hundred or more years ago…

Trade-Goods-01The Kinnikinnick Trading Company has emerged; trading in traditional First Nations goods – natural healing salves (Bear Salve, Bear Oil, Minigan), sacred herbs & plants (Buffalo Sage, Sweetgrass, etc.), clay effigy pipes, beads, blankets, bones…(not coincidentally, many things we used to have available in our shop!). KTC is the place to get the best quality Buffalo (White) Sage, Sweetgrass Braids & ceremonial supplies. The Bear & Minigan Salves are handmade in Ontario and offer some of the best all natural skin care and healing properties you will find anywhere!

During the warmer months, The Kinnikinnick Trading Company may be found in SW Ontario at Historic Re-enactments, Traditional Pow Wows and other similar (generally outdoor) events. Do visit the website, join the email list and visit us at any of the events!

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