A Leg Up Or A Light Up

Some of ye know our good mate Helmut (of Helmut’s Forge) – for those of ye who don’t, he is man of many ancient skills: Blacksmith, Taxidemist, Leathercrafter, creator of ceremonial blades in metal, bone and rock. We are fortunate to be the exclusive retail outlet for Helmut’s work!

Helmut’s latest handiwork for our shop are a limited collection of Deer Foot/Hoof Candle Holders. Taxidermy combined with Ironwork to create some very Victorian pieces that could easily be from the smokey rooms of any well respected “Adventurer’s Club”.

deer-foot-candle-holder deer-foot-candle-holders

Helmut’s skill as a Blacksmith is matched only in his creativity – not only are his pieces practical, they are always made with a true artisan’s eye! One piece some of ye have seen, but perhaps not really noticed, is a beautiful Punched Tin Ship’s Mess Lantern.ships-mess-punched-tin-lantern This would have hung over the Mess Table (that’s a Dining Table for ye Landlubbers) in a sailing ship. It is fully enclosed, wind/weather proof and has glass on 2 sides as well as the bottom – for maximum light exposure. The four standard candles it houses are accessible from the latched doors on either end – and because they are fully enclosed, are approved for indoor use meeting fire/insurance standards! We have used this lantern to light the shop for some of our evening workshops/events…it paints lovely designs on the walls and ceiling when lit! This one is for sale and we are expecting some smaller (single candle) versions of these lantens in the future. Orders may also be placed through the shop for Helmut’s work.

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