Lavender & Lovely Stuff

We know some of ye have been anxiously awaiting this announcement…


Not just any lavender, but local lavender (from our friends Kevin & Abigail of Weir’s Lane Farm) – both Culinary (Lavandula Angustifolia) & Aromatic (Lavandula Intermedia)! “Culinary?” ye ask. Yes indeed – used for centuries by the finest chefs in baking (mmm…lavender shortbread cookies), cooking (main ingredient in Herbs de Provence) and teas. Of course the Aromatic Lavender is great for sachets, linen closets, medicine pouches, potpourri…). As an added bonus we also have Lavender infused Cane Sugar – great for baking in, or on top of, your favourite sweets. Lavender is medicinally great for sinus, sleeping & snoring problems.

Also new in the shop:

  • Aztec Chili Cocoa (all natural Cocoa, Cinnamon, Cayenne Chili Pepper)
  • Mrs. Richter’s Herbal Tea (Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Mint & Red Clover)
  • Copal Resin (a very fine, pure incense resin – Sacred to the Aztec, Maya, Inca…also used medicinally for pain relief)
  • Wormwood Tincture (Parasite Cleanse & Blood Tonic)
  • Dit Da Jow (tincture made from an ancient recipe of the Shaolin Monks of China – use on bruises, sprains, breaks, arthritis, etc.)
  • Rosebuds (Dried buds & petals)
  • Jasmine Buds (Dried buds)

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