History, Mystery, Vandals & Scandals

NOTL-hatter-2All this and more – in true Halfpenny Dreadfuls style!

Our Historical Walking Tours are back…and forth…and starting a new season through the Halfpenny Dreadfuls site! Join Missus Eugenia Mooney, Michael Furey and everyone’s favourite Pyrates, Capt. John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound – as they regale you with true historical tales that may shock, amaze and most definitely, inform you. Explore the local architecture, separate fact from fiction, discover hidden secrets in your own city (or visit a new one).

Hamilton, Dundas, Niagara On The Lake, Port Dover and Guelph are all locations for tours and filled with “tales Mother won’t tell you” (though we do keep it ‘family friendly’, over the age of six is recommended). Masons, Mobsters, Pyrates, War…and things that “ain’t there no more” – stories of the people who built these cities and helped form a nation.  Advance reservations are highly recommended – $10 Adults, $5 Child (6-16). Private/Group tours available.

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