Happy Gregorian New Year

Today is the beginning of the New Year – 2013 on the Gregorian Calendar.

Like virtually all celebrations of the change in the year, we look ahead, we embrace the light (as daylight increases from here on) and we cast off those things that may have held us back in previous years. Some folk make “resolutions” to change, improve or accomplish new things while ceasing “old behaviour”.

While there are many traditions across each culture, the one that seems most consistent is the clearing out of negative energies. The methods of doing so are also rather consistent and follow two methods used in many cultures for clearing negative energy away at all times of the year – smoke & sound. From fireworks in China, to bonfires along the levees in Louisiana…noisemakers from the dollar store to bells, drums, rattles and chants; all serve the same end – cleansing yourself & your space to get rid of the cobwebs (literal & spiritual) and leave the space open for new, positive energies to flow through!

resin incenseWe specialize in carrying only natural incense in our shop – pure resins from around the world (Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Dragon’s Blood), premium Sandalwood powder from China, Joss Sticks (the only stick incense we carry at present – contains only pure sandalwood and natural binders), White Sage bundles, Desert Sage bundles and one special hand-blended Smudge exclusive to our shop (containing 7 sacred plants & 2 resins – all natural ingredients). We also have some amazing hand forged incense bowls, Indian silver dishes and Abalone shells – all suited to various methods of burning. We also have feathers (often used in smudging ceremonies) as well as one set of banded Turkey Feathers with a hand carved holder. Add a hand made rattle (Cow horn or Snapping Turtle foot) for full effect.

Drop by the shop and we will help ye find what ye need…

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