Gertrude & Eudora Meet Roddy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the tale of tragic lovers in a bygone era; two birds who couldn’t decide which path to take and the vermin who led them down the wrong one…

txd 004 txd 001Meet Gertrude & Eudora – two confused chicks…well, one chick with two heads – which is an even more confusing proposition! The girls have a lovely home in a vintage iron birdcage; French green, with a lucky shamrock on the side, ancient Burr Oak twig and comfortable bedding. What more could two such cosmopolitan country girls wish for?

txd 006Enter the villain…aka Roddy The Ripper! This flashy wee gent, though well dressed in top hat and cape, is anything but genteel. Armed with a rather deadly looking knife, he stalks the streets looking for his next victim. Or…perhaps he’s just misunderstood -a well intentioned fellow protecting himself in a neighbourhood over-run with feral felines…?


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