What’s Behind Faery Door No. 1?

What’s behind a Faery Door? Is it really a door, simply just a wonderful piece of Folk Art?

Apparently it depends what ye believe in…either way, these are beautiful pieces of art – handmade locally by the lovely Ms. Connie Speers (one of our valued customers).  Created from polymer clay and found objects, these whimsical treasure can be mounted on a wall, a bookcase or in your garden…who knows, they may attract a faery or two! The talented Connie has also graced us with a selection of handmade “Magical Heart” pendants and brooches and two lovely statues – Herne & Gaia.

 connie-speers- 001 connie-speers- 002connie-speers- 003

In keeping with our “green” spirit, we have a limited selection of organic plants ready for your garden! White Sage, Rosemary, Brandywine Tomato, Stevia (a natural sweetener) and Aloe Vera.

plants- 001 plants- 002

T' BaronWe have a new guardian watching over our shop, we call him “T-Baron” – a very small representation of the primary Ghede Lwa Baron Samedi. Le Baron is head of the Ghede family, guardian of the Cemetery, powerful Healer and guardian of innocents (especially children). The prefix “T”, common in Louisiana (and to some degree Quebec & Eastern Canada) is a dialectal contraction of “petit”, French for “small” – often used in French families in place of “Junior”. (T-Baron is not for sale, but welcomes tributes of Rum, Tobacco, Hot Peppers, Purple or Black cloth)

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