Defining “Readings”

For those folks who have asked or may not understand what readings are about I want to explain how WE – the Intuitive, Medium, Clairvoyant – work.

It is not about predicting the future, intentionally passing on misinformation. We work with your energies (plural) as all living things move on different energy planes throughout our lives. Your energy is like a book of who you are, your feelings, understanding and often the story of passed loved ones. This is why it is called a READING. Much like scanning the pages of a book taking in the information and pictures, we are scanning your energies taking in information. If you are looking for insight and direction this is what we do best. Readings give the receiver an opportunity to hear information that they may already be aware of but are often to close to the situation to be objective. Our job is to help you understand and work through these stories. We are a bit like a life coach and psychoanalyst in that respect. We do not judge and we are there to help with the information and healing process if necessary.

To clarify further some of us who are intuitive are also Mediums. This simply means that we are receivers of the spirit in a literal sense. A bit like a radio station where a loved one can deliver messages. Some of us are able to see (with our mind’s eye or sometimes in form) what these spirits looked like at the time you would best identify with them and pass this information along to validate. In some cases they are not verbal but visual in the form of symbols which often takes time and questions to work through with the person we are reading in order to interpret the message.

All GOOD Readers should be upfront, honest, caring and compassionate to your needs. I hope this helps clarify a little of what we do and encourages you to explore your own abilities.

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