Crystal Spiders, Fox Tails, Turtle Nuts & Embalming Fluid Box

If ye think we made that title up…ye’d be wrong. A grouping of completely unrelated items available in the shop…

Austrian Crystal Spider Necklaces

crystal-spider-necklace-rainbowIf you’re not fond of spiders, these costume necklaces may change your mind. A grouping of  five spiders in each necklace (each about 2″ long), swathed in cut Austrian crystals! There are only two of these – one in a classic topaz hue and one in a veritable rainbow of coloured crystal with gold embellishment. Both are stainless steel backing & chains (not actual silver or gold).


fox-tailsNeed some tail? FOX tails, that is. We have a wee selection of natural and dyed fox tails – suitable as a Spirit Talisman, clothing decoration, or just because “it’s so fluffy!” These are so natural, we had to remove one from stock – it was full of burrs! These were collected responsibly in Ontario – at a time when the foxes no longer had use for them.


turtle-nut-rattlesWhat (you may well ask) are Turtle Nuts?!? Well, the inventive minds at Tribal Thunder, in their search for new ways of doing old things that make sounds, have created these unique rattles. Yes, rattles; made from local Cedar, Walnut Shells, tiny bits of Goat skin (leftover from making drums) and rattle-y bits. A little fine artistic work to create the head, and ye have…you guessed it, Turtle Nuts!

 Last, but not least, is an antique, handmade, dovetailed, wooden crate. Not so unusual…until ye read the stenciled information on the end. Two Dozen Frigid Embalming Fluid from the Frigid Fluid Co.of Chicago, Illinois. Well over a hundred years later, this company is still in the same business of manufacturing funeral supplies. This crate is from the early 1900’s and the bottles would have been about the size of a modern medicine bottle (alas, we have no bottles). It’s a unique piece in quite good condition for the age of it – and the fact it would have been used probably a few times! Original paint, no nails except the original ones in the base; approximately 18″ long, 12″ high, 12″ wide. Great conversation piece!

embalming-fluid-box-01 embalming-fluid-box-side

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