Bring In The Comfy Chair

Our two “comfy chairs” from the parlour need a new home. The perfect armchairs for a cosy seat – with a warm drink – in your parlour/family room/den, by the fireplace, in front of the TV, or…wherever suits you. Alas, we no longer have space for them ourselves.

Both of these fine, handcrafted, Victorian chairs come from an era when care and quality were the watchwords of manufacturing and “built to last” was considered a benefit to your customer!

The Queen Anne Wingback Armchair has arm covers (not pictured) and the original Horsehair seat-cushion stuffing – it evokes images of High Tea or Brandy at the Adventurer’s Club.

The Standard Armchair, while somewhat less “grand”, is a comfortable place at home; a reminder of the stability and solid family life that was the idyllic image presented throughout the era.

Payment preferred with INTERAC eTransfer, we may also accept Credit Card or PayPal payments. Prices listed are in Canadian Dollars.
For INTERAC eTransfer option (do not click the payment button), please contact us immediately, stating the item you are interested in – for your convenience, we may also take Credit Card payments in person. **We regret we cannot easily deliver these, please arrange to pickup with a larger vehicle, hatchback or similar arrangements. If you really need us to deliver, there will be an additional charge.

Queen Anne Wingback Armchair:


Standard Armchair:


Save & buy both!

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