Beetle, Bitumen & Bling

This is a group of very unusual items – but then that’s par for the course in our shop!

Green ScarabThis is an actual Green Scarab Beetle (chiloloba acuta) from the Victorian era. It was meant to be set into jewellery (hence the gilded rim on the bottom), but was held in a private collection for it’s natural beauty. The Scarab is held sacred in Egypt as related to the deity, Khepri (early morning incarnation of Ra or the Morning Sun).

Since we’re in the region of ancient Egypt, here are some unusual necklaces that are sure to be conversation pieces. In honour of our resident retired celebrity ‘Bob’ (our Ptolemaic Mummy) we thought we might call them “Bob Bits”. While they are not, strictly speaking his bits, they are, in fact, actual Mummy Bitumen in a bottle! Mummy Bitumen is created from a combination of the oils, resins and wrappings of an Egyptian Mummy. Mummy BitumenThese particular ‘bits’ are from a Mummy that was originally housed in the Niagara Falls Museum – once billed as “North America’s Oldest Museum”. The Niagara Falls Museum was opened in 1827 by the now legendary Thomas Barnett who ran it until his death in 1890. Four Mummies (and many other antiquities) were purchased in Egypt and first displayed in the Museum in 1854. The Museum closed permanently in the late 1990’s and the bulk of the contents were sold to the late William “Billy” Jamieson of Toronto (star of the short lived series “Treasure Trader” on History TV). As it turned out, one of the Mummies was the long lost Pharaoh Ramses I – probably the most notable Pharaoh in Egyptian history (while Tutankhamen is more “famous” he was short lived and accomplished much less). King Ramses I was re-instated to the Cairo Museum, but the other three Mummies remained in Billy’s collection for years. Unfortunately, Billy Jamieson died unexpectedly in 2011; what will become of his fantastic collection remains to be seen!

They attach the highest importance to the taking of auspices and casting lots. Their usual procedure with the lot is simple. They cut off a branch from a nut-bearing tree and slice it into strips these they mark with different signs and throw them at random onto a white cloth. Then the state’s priest, if it is an official consultation, or the father of the family, in a private one, offers prayer to the gods and looking up towards heaven picks up three strips, one at a time, and, according to which sign they have previously been marked with, makes his interpretation. If the lots forbid an undertaking, there is no deliberation that day about the matter in question. If they allow it, further confirmation is required by taking auspices. (Tacitus, 98 AD)

RunesFrom ancient Egypt to the ancient tribes of Europe and ancient magical charms called Runes. From the talented artisans at Tribal Thunder & Red Dragon Products come these handcrafted sets of Rune Tablets – each with a velvet carrying bag and printed manual.

Traditionally Runes are meant to be carved from the wood of a fruit or nut bearing tree for it’s particular energy – these sets are carved from Cherrywood and marked with an alphabet that is more than 2000 years old! The Norse Gods themselves were known for using Runes to draw energy and create magic. Runes continue to be used – both as talismans and as divinatory tools – and each set contains a “blank” rune. At one time this was thought to be a replacement for a missing rune, or a “wild card”, however it is more commonly believed that this represents the Norse God Odin;  “the rune of the beginning and the end, representing the divine in all human transactions” (R. Blum, “The Book Of Runes”).

SwarovskiAn unusual set of jewellery has landed in our display case…colourful spiders & skulls embellished with Swarovski crystals! Prized the world over for their remarkable clarity and light refraction, these tiny gems make this jewellery gleam like no other. Like the overstated costume pieces of days long ago, this is sure to make a statement and make heads turn!


Green FluoriteWe have also recently acquired a pair of Green Fluorite spheres; beautiful crystals that glow in the dark! (These are not to be confused with the extremely rare “Luminous Pearl” that we had on display previously. – and hope to acquire another in the near future). Green Fluorite is thought of as a gentle healing stone – specifically for healing oneself; both emotionally and physically. These spheres are as much “natural art” as they are energizing.

In addition to the crystals above, we have a 16″ Tiger Eye obelisk on the shelf. While some may call this a “wand” it is much too large for that designation. The colour in it is something to behold; shades of gold, black, yellow and brown mingle with an almost living quality – you can virtually see the energy in this crystal!

 Tigers Eye Obelisk Tigers Eye Obelisk

Eau de ToiletteOn a different note altogether, we have two custom, all natural fragrances in the shop from “1000 Flowers” (a Canadian perfumier working in France). These are true “Eau de Toilette” – not the often thin facsimiles sold in the mall; one small drop is enough to last an entire day! Both scents are considered unisex, so the preference is strictly yours. Reglisse Noir (a light overtone of Black Licorice) and Fleur No. 1 (lightly reminiscent of a wildflower meadow).

Helmut's Forge KnivesHelmut’s Forge has brought us a few new handmade ceremonial knives. Blades of Folded Steel, Copper, Black Obsidian and Mahogany Obsidian paired with handles made from Bear Bone, Wolf Bone, Deer Antler, Amboyna Burl or 3000 yr old Bog Oak from Scotland! These are truly the height of artistry and are a great addition to any collection. For many folk, they may also be of ceremonial value – but don’t be fooled, some of these blades hold an edge matched only by surgical tools!

Pendulum TilesSome of you have enquired about Pendulums and Pendulum Boards. While we are awaiting some very unique Pendulums, we have a few Pendulum Tiles we think you’ll enjoy. Hand painted on clay tiles, these are certainly one-of-a-kind, and will help guide you- whatever your questions.

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