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From the private collection of Professor Burnaby Q. Orbax we have acquired three Shuar Tribal Shrunken Heads!*

The Shuar tribe is one of four sub-tribes of the Jivaro People; indigenous to the Amazon region of Ecuador & Peru – and the only culture known to shrink heads.

Called Tsantsa, shrunken heads originally had religious significance – those who collected and shrank the heads were less interested in the head itself than the energy & spirit contained within. It was also said to prevent the soul from avenging the death of the owner.

These are unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else (after all, like your own head, every head is different).

EDD_8418EDD_8422  EDD_8420 EDD_8421

* Please note these are not actual human heads, but made in the design & spirit of traditional Tsantsa. They are Museum quality replicas.

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