4000 Year Old Statue Moving By Itself?

Osiris-Statue-Manchester-MuseumWe came across this odd item today…and just had to share it.

An Egyptian statue from 1800 BC, displayed for years in a locked glass case at the Manchester Museum (University of Manchester, UK), has suddenly decided to move!! A 10″ carved figure of the seated God Osiris has been moving in a 180° semicircle from it’s usual position. Logic might suggest some vibration causing this – nearby construction, for example – however the other three statues in the same closed case do not move at all.

While this may sound like either a wind-up or something to attract more Museum visitors, the Curator decided to make a time lapse film to actually “prove” that he wasn’t pulling our legs. See for yourself…

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4000 Year Old Statue Moving By Itself? — 4 Comments

  1. I would like to know which direction the statue stopped and faced. It would be fascinating to see if any other strange events happen in that triangulation.

    • Interesting thought, Andrea…unfortunately, we’re not aware of the compass direction of that case.
      Though as it’s Osiris moving, I’d bet the statue is turning to face West…land of the Dead.

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