About Us

Michael Furey & Eugenia MooneyWhat is The Spiritorium? We’re so glad you asked…

Combining the words Spirit and Emporium we seek to reflect the unique & eclectic nature of this shop and the people who operate it.

A step back in time to a place of mystery, mythos & the macabre…A Compendium of Knowledge & Apothecary™

  • A Dispensary of Resins, Herbs, Botanicals, Tinctures & Teas
  • Oddities & Museum quality pieces
  • Intuitive Medium Readings for enjoyment & enlightenment
  • Cultural & Spiritual supplies
  • Historical Restoration & Conservation
  • Antique & Oddity Evaluation
  • Workshops & Seminars to expand your knowledge, free your mind and enlighten your spirit
  • Tours and Special Events

We focus on historical knowledge – combined with cutting edge tools and research – to bring you the best of the past, present and your future!

We appreciate and use natural, local and organic ingredients in our Apothecary; searching for not only the best “deals”, but focusing on the best quality. We avoid products that contain hazardous chemicals (like SLS in soaps – known for skin/hair irritation or worse), products with confusing usage rules (most herbs may simply be added to tea or hot water to drink or infused in natural oil for external applications) or products that could be easily mis-used (Valerian Root, popular for it’s relaxing affect, may easily be overdone to ill health – substitute Lavender as a safer, effective alternative).

We showcase the skills of our resident creator and Oddities expert Seika & crafts of a select number of artisans who honour traditional, cultural and often ancient processes; Smithing, Metallurgy, Pottery, Tailoring, Leathercraft, Chandlery, to name a few. While these folks may make use of some more modern tools/methods, the final result is as reliable & beautiful (or more so) as it ever was!

Our oddities are most often authentic. Occasionally they are Museum Quality Reproductions – meaning, made by hand, the sort of item that could easily be put on display in a Museum because the original is so rare as to be virtually unavailable (like Tsanta – shrunken heads – less than a dozen exist in private collections in the whole world), or so precious that it remains locked in a vault while the reproduction is displayed.

The Spiritorium is a place unlike any other…Apothecary, Museum, Curiosity & Oddities Shop, a place of both Spirit and Science!

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